Decades of experience, disruption of the largest single buyer in the world

Somebody had to do it so we did something about it


Fast, unconstrained, no ties, no suits, start-up environment, industrial, relationships, trust, disrupting status quo and kicking ass every day.  Enough said.

Innovation is hard.

Making it purposeful, productive,

and profitable is even harder.


Collectively, we have over 200 years of combined experience creating, launching, and operationalizing strategies, solutions, companies, and platforms that change the game and disrupt status-quo.   And, those were not easy years my friends.   You know what we're talking about - they were those 7:1 dog years - hard times spent solving hard problems with hard people doing it the hard way.  We stopped and launched RATIO when we realized it didn't have to be done that way.  Okay, that's not entirely true, we stopped when we simply couldn't take it any longer.


We see things that others don’t see and know things that others don’t know.  We source and accelerate new ideas, technologies, products, services, solutions that speed time to revenue and drive exponential business growth.  We deliver the type of nonlinear revenue growth that makes investors, analysts, and competitors do the cold stop and say “What the Hell!”


We are embedded within and across dozens of innovation networks and have established and maintain unbelievable relationships that provide us with super direct, deep, and fast access to the innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and startups who don't ever sleep while you sleep and create amazing things that will disrupt and change the game.   We're grouping this into RATIO's Exchange that will provide you with the golden ticket to see and act on things that you would never get to see and act on - to invest in, take an equity position, gain exclusivity, acquire some Willy Wonka type of innovation that will rock your agenda.

why you should care

The new kids on the block and a few of the smart and crafty old-timers are going to develop things that will change the world, enable your future goals, or mess with your business - commercial, government, non-profit, whatever the sector, segment, and SIC code - they're going to do it with or without you; and, that's exactly why you need RATIO.  The companies and organization that get that will need to quickly tap into the vast array of real and relevant innovation that's happening out there and not inside and among their own will survive - more than that, they will flourish and prosper.   Those that do not get this and act on it will be gone, goodbye, adios, see ya, it was nice while it lasted ...  you definitely don't want to be remembered as the company or organization that didn't get it business school case study kind of history.

Meet the team

Michael Farber

Chief Thinker

Never sleeps, thinks 3 years ahead, and emails at 2am regularly


Startups & Social Impact

Working with startups and academia to drive social impact


Customer Success

Ensuring customers & brokers are a success on the Exchange


Driving Social Impact

Working with clients to create social impact


Product Development

Loves to create, working on the Exchange all the time


Driving Social Impact

Working with clients to create social impact


Data and


Finding, capturing and integrating the data you need


 The Exchange is a division of Ratio Companies

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