Warfighters can't wait to find companies and solutions to solve their challenges      


SOFWerx, an innovation acceleration arm of DefenseWerx, is the premier sourcing provider for the US Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) to solve Warfighter challenges by engaging industry through collaboration, ideation, events and rapid prototyping.   SOFWerx responds to the warfighter’s innovation needs hundreds of time per year and is challenged to find the best and brightest companies and technologies in the industry. This requires rapid discovery of and access to the world’s most innovative, best and brightest from industry and academia.


Why The Exchange?

SOFWerx selected The Exchange to source companies, universities, researchers, investigators and others that possess or are developing technologies and innovations that meet the ever growing USSOCOM needs. By leveraging The Exchange, SOFWerx was able to discover thousands of companies to increase the likelihood of solving the warfighter’s challenges faster and with greater efficiency.  


Outcome & Results

The Exchange identified over 1,000 companies in a matter of days and helped SOFWerx and USSOCOM discover the best companies in a marketplace of over 1.5 million.  Exchange Brokers also identified dozens of companies in their local ecosystems that SOFWerx and the market didn't even know about.


The Exchange accelerated their Technology Sprint by identifying and bringing the right people to the table at the right time. Partnering with The Exchange not only expanded SOFWerx reach but significantly decreased market research cycles to source the right companies, innovations and people. 

More Information

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 The Exchange is a division of Ratio Companies

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