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Source Quicker, Solve Faster

Discover Companies and capabilities to solve problems and challenges faster

Smart Sourcing

Let the Exchange do the heavy lifting for you.   Use Auto and Smart sourcing tools to quickly scan dozens of sourcing channels to find companies who can solve your challenges, problems or needs.    Then, dive deep into Company profiles and experience sets to validate skills and capabilities.  

A Sourcing Powerhouse

The Exchange is constantly sourcing and integrating data from multiple channels to help you find the needle in the haystack.   Our data lake is growing every day and is comprised of companies, products & services, investors, patents, grants, people, universities, national labs, contract awards and national and global innovations.

Sourcing Tools

The Exchange includes multiple tools to help you manage sourcing activities.  Launch Sourcing Projects, create and manage Sourcing Catalogs, save Companies to Portfolios, one-click Contact List creation, Market Reports,  launch and manage industry Challenges, post needs, evaluation engine and custom scorecards, collaboration and sharing tools, and many, many more.

Brokers, Regional Development Authorities, Incubators, Accelerators, Economic Development Councils, and many others.  The Exchange is constantly signing partnerships with "Green Field" organizations who have direct access and local intimacy to new companies, products and services that get posted to the Exchange.

Sourcing Support and Services

Need help from our Sourcing Experts?   Need to capture and integrate new Sourcing Channels?   Need us to Source for you?  Need a specific Sourcing App built for your process?  No problem, we're here to help and standing by.

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Engage in an ecosystem that is constantly growing and expanding

We never sleep and are constantly souring, integrating and fusing information together to make it easier for you to find companies and capabilities to solve your problems faster.