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Demand Subscription

Simple pricing that's jam packed with features, value and no hidden costs

Single Version

Perfect for people who need to find companies and capabilities to solve problems.


  • per month

  • 10% annual agreement discount

  • unlimited use & exports

What's included?

Company Marketplace

Over 2 million Company profiles, company awards, customer footprints,  funding, and much, much more. 

Sourcing Channels

Search across multiple channels to find the needle in the haystack including:

  • Federal Contracts

  • Federal Grants

  • Federal Innovations (SBIR/STTRs)

  • Company Marketplace

  • University Innovations

  • National Lab Innovations

  • Global Innovations

  • Patents

  • Investors & Investments

  • Challenges

Sourcing Tools

Create and manage Sourcing Projects, Sourcing Snapshots (market scans),  Sourcing Catalogs, one-click Auto and Smart Sourcing, contact list generation, and much more.

CRM Tools

Task Management, Contact Management, Notes

Company Portfolios

Group companies into one or more portfolios, add and track Company Intel, compare companies, and setup company notifications. 


Unconstrained analysis of Federal Contracts, Federal Grants, SBIR/STTRs, Universities, Patents, National Labs and other sources.

Group Version

Perfect for groups who work together to find companies and capabilities to solve problems.

  • per / user / month

  • 10% annual agreement discount

  • 5 users


What's included?

Everything in the Single Subscription

All the tools and utilities to help you discover companies and capabilities to solve problems.

Plus ...

Jump Start Sessions

Work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Exchange experts to quickly setup, configure and accelerate the stand-up of your version. Brainstorm implementation and launch.

Challenge and Need Managers

Broadcast your Challenge or Need to the entire Exchange, manage responses, requirements, and due diligence processes.

Event Management

Create and manage Events and registrations.

Collaboration & Sharing

Interact and share Company Portfolios, Market Reports, and Sourcing Projects with users or groups.

Group Management

Create and assign roles that align functions and features to your organization process. 


Create horizontal and vertical communities of interest, invite internal and external members.

In Network Companies

Tag and create intel for all of the Companies that are in your network and share with your group.

Private Instance

Your own instance of the Exchange, brand with your Company name, URL, colors and management tools.

Configuration Tools

Personalize the Exchange by configuring apps, features

and functions to your organizations processes.

Enterprise Version

Perfect for organizations who need both Supply and Demand side capabilities, have a large user base and need customization and integration.