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New ecosystems are emerging all the time

We are constantly creating and connecting ecosystems to help customers solve their problems and challenges


National, regional or local companies who bundle the Exchange into their offerings and G2M strategies.  Brokers specialize in markets and/or capabilities and have intimacy with Demand Side needs or Supply Side products, services and capabilities. 


Current Brokers

Growth Priorities

Exploring Opportunities

Incubators, Accelerators, and Funds

Organizations that maintain portfolios of seed and early stage companies who are incentived to help these companies accelerate revenue and growth.   These organizations provide the Exchange with Supply Side companies that can be discovered by Demand-side customers who need to solve problems and enable them with the tools to accelerate revenue and growth. 

Partners, Alliances, and Teaming

Relationships and formal agreements that are mutually beneficial to each party and position the Exchange to enable and accelerate Partner, Alliance, or Teaming business models and G2M strategies.  


Economic Development

Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, and other planning organizations who maintain portfolios of Supply Side customers and are responsible for enabling and accelerating growth in their region. 


Chamber of Commerce



Colleges, Universities and other educational-based organizations who are teaching, training and enabling tomorrow's entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

We are constantly launching and growing ecosystems

Interested in launching a new ecosystem?

Have an idea about how we could work together?  We'd love to hear more about it and partner with you to help you reach your goals and outcomes.  

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