• Starting to use RATIO's new Gym Membership after eating and drinking too much over the holidays.   If you know of any weight loss apps where we don't have to work out, let us know.

  • RATIO Exchange launch date announced - March 1, 2018

  • Designing a new Go-To-Market (G2M) Acceleration Center overseas.

  • Bringing a new company from South Bend into the Federal market.

  • Brokering deals with a new Facial Recognition Technology to capitalize on their Phase 3 SBIR.

  • Helping new company blueprint a go-to-market strategy for a new Federal sector. 

  • Helping a NewCo / Travel platform take their idea to market.


  • Whether you believe it or not, hackers are already in your system.  How are you preparing when they want $1m to not to release your data?  Go on the Cyber Offense with a product and services company delivering big game / big name results.

  • Innovation lobbying?  Pretty cool concept that we're exploring with some of the nations leading experts.

  • Designing RATIO's new Innovation Exchange.  Wait until you see this... killer!


  • Helping a company in South Bend, Indiana G2M in the Federal sector with a next generation portable power platform.  This will really redefine on demand power and revolutionize forward operating capabilities. 

  • Helping a major SaaS / ITSM platform G2M in the Federal / DoD sector. 

  • Imagine a new SaaS platform that operationalizes cognitive learning at scale.  Yep, we're involved.

  • Whirlwind tour in South Bend, Indiana.  You really need to check out their advanced manufacturing innovations, insane.


  • Grand opening of the RATIO TechFusion center in Northern Virginia.

  • Sourcing space on the west coast for our second TechFusion center.


  • Launched new TechFusion center is Northern Virginia.

  • Raising funds and helping an emerging sensor and sensor analytic company go-to-market.

  • Working with a global accounting firm to assess cyber insurance risk.

  • Leading the innovation around a new demand response platform for a major utility.

  • Partnered with a boutique company in Washington D.C. to bring new and emerging tech innovations to Federal system integrators.

  • Partnering to develop the nation's first EnergyFusion center. 

  • Accelerating the commercialization of a new “Energy of Things” platform created by the government.


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