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"You get what you put in and people get what they deserve" - Kid Rock


Jim focuses on disruptive platforms and technologies that create or change markets.


Prior to merging his company Think | 1080 with RATIO Innovation Management, Jim served as the Chief Visionary for HumanTouch and CORAS and led the strategy and direction of multiple investments and strategies.  Before that, Jim led Booz Allen Hamilton's Energy IT business and London subsidiary


  • Commercializing a new platform that enables the "Energy of Things".  Imagine a device that can connect to anything and securely transmit energy and electrical measures anywhere in the world.  This is really cool. 

  • My own company.

  • Commercialization / Go-To-Market strategy for an energy efficiency platform the Department of Energy.  And, some pretty cool energy apps!

  • Visual Platform as a Service (Paas) for a growing NewCo that reduces app-dev costs by 75%. 

  • A Defense business.

  • IT Strategies for the worlds largest not-for-profit organization and 2 international banks.

  • Government-wide benefits platform -

  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

  • Big Data and solution architecture for a major utility.

  • Application modernization blueprint for a global publisher.

  • Upstream logistics platform for a global oil company and consortium.

  • A London IT company.

  • Government-wide Portfolio Management Solution that today manages over $40b in IT investments.


Energy | Platforms | Creation | Vision | Strategy | Cloud | Big Data | Roadmaps | Change


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