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Jeff focuses on innovation and technologies that create value and change within the DoD.


Prior to Joining think | 1080 and merging with RATIO Innovation Management, Jeff served as the IT Director of Marine Aviation. Jeff joined HumanTouch and was a Program Manager for Federal and DoD.  He was then bought on by CORASCloud as a Director of sales leading the strategy and direction for DoD and Federal markets.   


  • Helped develop two Platforms that operate in virtually any environment that connect to data from any system or application driving productivity, revenue, and transparency. 

  • Procured a multimillion dollar, 3-year license (enterprise) contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency(DISA) with a separate multiyear multimillion dollar service contract.

  • Worked with team to procure a half-a-million-dollar product and services contract with US Army Total Ammunition Management Info System (TAMIS)

  • Customer success executive on marque accounts DoD, SOCOM, and DISA,

  • Worked with a team that grew federal market from $2M to $12M, in one year.

  • Managed team to streamline the IT infrastructure for multiple DoD departments, resulting in consolidating 118 discrete IT systems into 11, saving the federal government over an estimated $10M.

  • Managed and deployed a financial management system that automated program budgets and schedules reducing the resources and activities by 40%

  • Held a position equivalent to Chief Information Officer for all Marine Aviation. Managed over 1200 people directly and indirectly in locations around the world. Maintaining, installing, and employing multiple multimillion dollar IT solutions and systems

  • Held the position equivalent to Chief Information Officer of Marine Air Group a 2000-man organization, with annual operating budget in excess of $34M and aviation assets surpassing $20B

  • Spearheaded the installation and implementation of a multimillion dollar logistic information system with a deliverable date of 6 months.   Integrated resources from 4 different known large aviation companies all with diverse bottom lines and different directions and ideas. With disruptive thinking and innovation, the results were the delivery of system 30 days early and 20% under budget.

  • Oversaw the development and quantified the IT requirements for all Marine Aviation Squadrons ensuring the ability to track, develop a budget, and sustain the IT footprint. This initiative saved millions of dollars and provided the capability to rapidly move squadrons throughout the world.

  • Worked with multinational team to define the requirements in support of Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, resulting in the complete redesign of an ACAT (1) system.  

  • Select, train, mentor and provide direct oversight for the senior leaders responsible for building a positive environment at the Executive and Directorate level. Ensure programs are in place to identify top talent, through a combination of evaluations, performance metrics, and engagements. Once identified, provide opportunities to excel while at the same time implementing training programs to develop the workforce

  • Supervised 24 staff, 5 separate schools, and 2 commands

  • Ran a school house that taught 80+ students a year, Networking, IT hardware, Naval and Marine IT Logistic systems. A+, Network+, and system security.


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