The Exchange Platform

You've got more important things to do than find and integrate information from dozens of sources.  We've digitized the entire Federal marketplace so you don't have to.

How the Platform Works


We integrate information from multiple sources that saves you time and money to accelerate insight, speed and advantage.


We delivery this information through a set of apps and tools that are easy to use and unconstrained. 


We update this information daily to give you the latest trends & information to help you accelerate growth. 

Information the Platform Integrates

New Federal Contracts, Grants and SBIR/STTRs

100m Awarded Federal Contracts, Grants & SBIR/STTRs

100k University and Federal Lab Innovations

Federal and Commercial Challenges & Needs

1.2 Million Federal Company Profiles

800k Private Company Profiles (non-Federal)

7 Million Patents, Investors, Investments

People, Talent, News

All of your opportunities in one dashboard 

Create a customized opportunity dashboard to identify open and upcoming contracts, grants, SBIRs/STTRs, and challenges. Spend less time creating reports and researching federal opportunities and more time making deals and driving growth.

As a leader, you can stay on top of all the upcoming opportunities your business needs to know about. This allows you to drive hard at new opportunities and grow your venture quickly.

Build your own actionable market analytics and reports

Understand market trends within the federal government and corporate innovation markets with in-depth analytics on capabilities, buying trends, and hundreds of data points from multiple databases. Now, your team can create customized reports for your specific industry and not have to spend countless hours searching for data from various sources or trusting your gut. Ratio provides the insight and intelligence you need to make informed decisions and capture new opportunities. 

Search, discover, and track companies to partner with, sell to, and buy from

You and your team should be able to find companies to partner with and source innovations from to win work. The company finder creates a seamless process to search, find, and discover new companies to partner with saving you countless hours searching through the wrong companies and enabling you to compete faster. 

Data Providers and Partners

The Exchange sources data and information from multiple public and private sources and partners.

Helping you navigate the $3+ trillion Federal marketplace


Be the leader your team needs. Gain market insight, intelligence, and speed to compete and scale faster.

Insight  |  Speed  |  Advantage
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