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A new Ecosystem was just launched on the Ratio Exchange - ENERGYWERX!

Updated: Aug 28

Yep, we did it again. Ratio is pleased to announce the launch of the ENERGYWERX Ecosystem.

DOE’s innovation hub, ENERGYWERX will address DOE needs and provide a platform for cooperative teaming and innovation. In collaboration with DOE, ENERGYWERX will work with Academia, Industry, and National Labs to discover, engage, and accelerate novel solutions in support of DOE.

This is an incredible, and unpresented opportunity for Industry to engage directly with ENERGYWERX and DOE to help them solve their problems and Challenges. If you have Energy / Grid / Smart City or related products, services, or technologies then you need to act now. To join the ENERGYWERX Ecosystem, please go to ( and update your Company’s profile and products and services so that ENERGYWERX / DOE knows how you can help. If you are already a member of existing Ecosystems such as Tradewind, DHS, SOFWERX, or many others please engage in ENERGYWERX Challenges, join their Ecosystem, and help them solve their Challenges.

Get informed when we launch new Ecosystems by clicking here.

Check out ENERGYWERX's new Ecosystem by clicking here.


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