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AF S&T Fellowship Fair - NRC Research Associate Program

Updated: Aug 16

Submit NLT 09/29/2023 at 11:59 PM CST

Doolittle Institute is working to identify potential candidates for the NRC Research Associate Program (RAP) from U.S. colleges and universities for the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate (AFRL/RW). The NRC RAP program promotes excellence in research conducted by U.S. Federally Funded Research & Development Centers (FFRDC) and related institutions. AFRL/RW has available research opportunities in which postdoctoral and senior-level researchers can apply for fellowships that could potentially lead to longer-term government employment.


The NRC RAP program offers competitive awards for scientists and engineers to conduct independent research in federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. Awards include attractive stipends (ranging from $45,000 to $80,000 for recent doctoral recipients and are proportionally higher for Senior Associates), health insurance, an allowance for professional travel, and relocation benefits. Research is conducted in collaboration with a Research Adviser who is a member of the senior professional staff at the laboratory. Research Advisers provide guidance, advice, and support for the Associate during their tenure. The host laboratory provides research facilities, equipment, and funding for supplies to support the Associate’s research.

Prospective applicants from academic institutions conducting research in the below technology areas matching AFRL/RW eligibility criteria will be invited to attend an S&T Fellowship Fair hosted by Doolittle Institute. At this event, prospective applicants can engage with the advisers and learn more about the research opportunities for paid fellowships with AFRL/RW.


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