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Updated: Sep 19

Empowering Agriculture Innovation


Every Thursday

3-5pm CT

Are you interested in providing novel solutions for the agricultural community? LANDWERX, a non-profit organization partnered with Landus (in support of their agricultural cooperative), is a platform to bring together innovators and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to solve Farmer-Owner challenges.

We believe your company’s capabilities and/or expertise would be helpful to the Farmer-Owner. We would like to personally invite you to submit an innovative solution to a new initiative, called Tech Thursday! It takes a few moments to submit, and if selected, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your solution to Landus cooperative farmer-owners to empower the Ag Community.

For more information about Tech Thursday and to submit your proposal for consideration, please visit

If you cannot participate in this effort, be sure to join the LANDWERX Ecosystem (and spread the word to fellow innovators) to hear of more opportunities to benefit the Farmer-Owner


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