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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Cyberspace Security Continuous Monitoring System (AIDCMS)

18 October 2023 - Assessment Event

24 September 2023 - Submission Deadline

Cyber Fusion Innovation Center Challenge Opportunity


The Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC), in collaboration with U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) and Army Cyber Technology and Innovation Center (ArCTIC) invites qualified industry partners to submit proposals for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an AI-driven Cyberspace Security Continuous Monitoring System. Our organization seeks to enhance security posture, enable resilience in Army operations, and preempt evolving cyber threats.

U.S. Army Cyber Command operates and defends Army networks and delivers cyberspace effects against adversaries to defend the nation with over 16,500 Soldiers, civilians, and contractors working 24/7 across the globe. In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, we recognize the importance of continuous monitoring as a foundational component of our cyberspace security ecosystem. The Army requires the ability to automatically and continuously monitor systems to maintain ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities, and threats to facilitate risk-based, operational decision making. Automation is required to analyze the high volume and variety of data elements associated with successful continuous monitoring. Because of functional drift, monitored systems analytic thresholds and weights must be automatically updated to reduce the likelihood of false positive alert notifications, and accurate indication of anomalous or malicious cyber activity.


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