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AV Infrastructure Sources Sought

Updated: Aug 16

Submit NLT 07/07/2023

This Call to Industry is to identify a company that could support One Nation Innovation to design an audio-visual infrastructure for a new innovation facility that our customer organization is constructing at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. The client is in the process of building an open environment Innovation workplace that has the capability to be flexible in design and implementation of the audio-visual capabilities. The client facility would have to be state-of-the-art and meet the needs of the client’s office space, conference rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and a large open works space for interactive communication internally and external to the facility.


ONI is interested in the latest technologies and best practices for designing and implementing an audio-visual infrastructure. Specifically, information on the following:

• Audio visual hardware and software systems

• Control systems and integration with existing network infrastructure

• Integrated Sound systems

• Video conferencing solutions

• Display technologies

• Innovative Display configurations

• Large Video wall designs


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