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Broadcast Dissemination Platform Light (BDP-L) Assessment Event (AE)

Updated: Aug 4

Submit NLT 08/04/2023 at 11:59 AM EST


Challenge Opportunity


SOFWERX, in collaboration with SOF Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) Tactical Information Systems (TIS), will host an Assessment Event (AE) to identify solutions for a Broadcast Dissemination Platform Light (BDP-L) that can operate in a land environment conducting Military Information Support Operations (MISO). Configurable capabilities include FM and cellular dissemination and must weigh less than 100 pounds including travel cases.

Market research indicates that off-the-shelf broadcast platforms can satisfy most of the performance attributes desired in this assessment but may require minor to moderate adaptations or adjustments to satisfy all performance attributes (modified commercial/government off-the-shelf). A list of salient characteristics is provided in the assessment criteria, along with a delineation of what will be observed at the virtual demonstration and the ultimate system capability.

BDP-L shall be designed to provide broadcast capabilities to support small teams and operational elements and is comprised of a single channel and single band broadcast capability. The BDP-L will be man-portable/man-packable. The white paper should identify what adaptations or modifications to the off-the-shelf system may be required to satisfy all performance attributes. The AE will also consider how much technical risk the proposed adaptations or modifications introduce to the existing off-the-shelf platform.


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