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Combatant Craft Division Subsystems Assessment Event (AE)

04/11/2023 at 11:59 AM EST

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM and Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock – Combatant Craft Division (NSWC-CCD), will host an Assessment Event to identify solutions for fabrication, assembly, and integration of subsystems into a watercraft of both aluminum and fiberglass construction.


The watercraft is designed to be towed behind another craft and transport various mission vehicles and other payloads. The craft will vary draft to enable launch and recovery (L&R) of the mission vehicles.

The objective is to fabricate, assemble, and install non-electrical, mechanical and pneumatic subsystems into a watercraft (less than 50 feet in length) to facilitate the transportation of mission vehicles. The subsystems include a topside cover, L&R system, and a pneumatic system. A three dimensional computer-aided design of the subsystems and watercraft will be provided as government furnished information.

The topside cover subsystem includes inflatable panels that traverse the length of the topside opening on a track attached to the hull topside. The track is fitted with cross members on rollers to enable the panels to be retracted when the cover is required to be open.

The L&R subsystem includes longitudinal bunks attached to the craft structure to support the mission vehicles. Side bumpers and a forward bump stop are utilized for vehicle alignment.

The purpose of the pneumatic subsystem is to enable the craft to change draft for vehicle L&R operations. The pneumatic subsystem consists of inflatable panels (along the hull sides and bottom), hoses, a control panel, and other hardware required for the inflation/deflation of panels.

A hollow watercraft hull, made of both aluminum and fiberglass construction, will be provided as government furnished equipment to the awardee to complete the installations of all the subsystems. The final deliverable will be a completed watercraft with all subsystems installed.


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