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DOE OTT Supply Chain Analysis Assessment Event (AE)

Updated: Aug 14

Submit NLT 08/10/2023 at 05:00 PM EST


Challenge Opportunity


The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) and Office of Manufacturing & Energy Supply Chains (MESC), in collaboration with its newly established Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with DEFENSEWERX, called ENERGYWERX, will host an Objective Strategic Session (OSS) and Assessment Event (AE) to identify organizations that analyze and synthesize the core issues within clean energy supply chains across technologies.

This effort will assess clean energy supply chains, synthesizing existing supply chain expertise from across DOE for at least 6-8 technology areas, building a single, concise resource that summarizes supply chain issues in a standardized framework. This effort will build on the existing DOE and national labs knowledge base, adding detail where needed (e.g., supply-demand imbalance projections, investment required to address gaps in domestic manufacturing, and cost competitiveness of potential domestic manufacturing).

Primary technology areas: clean hydrogen, electric grid, electric heat pumps, electric vehicles, nuclear energy, solar energy, sustainable aviation fuels, and wind energy.

Secondary technology areas: geothermal energy, hydropower, grid storage, carbon capture, and critical materials.


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