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Ecoystems: What's In It For You?

Updated: Aug 28

We know your ecosystem will take off.

Here's why:

Ecoverse Numbers


Active Ecosystems that you & users jump in and out of, can interact with, and grow your data and communication base with.









By launching an ecosystem,

connect over 5,000 industry partners to your agenda, research 3M company profiles, 3,500+ products & services - engage industry to solve your problems & challenges.

By issuing challenges,

you will reach 5,000+ users across multiple distribution channels, average 1,000 views at a 50% open rate, grow your Ecosystem by 25+ new users per challenge, and gain insights, recommendations, and proposals to solve your problems.

By engaging your ecosystem,

you will modernize acquisition cycles, diversify supply, accelerate time to solution, reduce risk, and access new talent & capabilities that are being created while you sleep.

Benefits: increased awareness, enhanced participation, accelerate problem-solving, collaboration & networking, public relations, cost, access to specialized expertise(new talent/capabilities).

Ratio Tips & Tricks


As Ratio Exchange continues to grow, we continue to promote and highlight Ecosystem challenges to industry. Here are a things we do to facilitate industry engagement:

  • Provide Clear Information: Ensure that the details of the challenges are easily accessible on our platform. Including comprehensive information about the challenges, their goals, requirements, timelines, and evaluation criteria.

  • Enhance Networking: Creating a space on your platform where industry professionals can connect with each other, discuss the challenges, and form partnerships or collaborations to tackle them. Encourage open communication and collaboration among the participants.

  • Showcase Success Stories: Highlight success stories of industry engagement in past challenges. Demonstrate how industry solutions have made a positive impact and provide testimonials from participants who have successfully contributed to Ecosystem initiatives.

  • Promote Technical Expertise: Encourage industry professionals to showcase their technical expertise and innovative solutions on our platform. This can attract the attention of representatives who are seeking partnerships or collaborations.

  • Support Proposal Development: Offer guidance and resources to help industry professionals develop strong proposals for challenges. This can include templates, best practices, or even mentoring sessions to enhance the quality of submissions.

  • Provide Feedback Channels: Establish feedback channels where industry participants can provide suggestions or insights on how to improve the challenge process. This feedback can help refine future challenges and make them more effective.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


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