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H2F Human Performance Data Warehouse Project

Updated: Jan 23

Submit NLT 01/04/2022 at 5:00 PM EST

Purpose: This is a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify your company’s ability to support the One Nation Innovation Labyrinth Project task “H2F Human Performance Data Warehouse Project” for the Army Applications Laboratory.

To establish governance and optimize data-driven human performance (HP) improvements over time, the US Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) system needs disparate sourced data to be maintained and secured at the enterprise level. Additionally, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data interaction at the TRADOC/CIMT Headquarters, Corps, & lower echelons will enable senior leaders and H2F performance teams to leverage HP and health data to reduce attrition, improve readiness, and enhance Soldier lethality. In partnership with Army Futures Command Chief Information Office, Army Applications Lab, Army Software Factory, Data and Decision Sciences Directorate, Office of the Secretary of Defense Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer, DEVCOM Soldier Center, and the Center for Initial Military Training and Holistic Health and Fitness at Training and Doctrine Command, this effort will create, demonstrate, and transition an integrated data backbone for human performance governance across the entire force. This goal includes services/systems establishment, data ingestion, curation, processing, governance processes, and AI/ML Ops at Army echelons to leverage the data.

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