Hub and Broker Go to Market Planning – Building Your Sales Ecosystem


The Ratio Exchange is a powerful data platform which puts incredible amounts of public and private sector information at a user’s fingertips. The goal of the Hub and the Broker is to work together to solve client challenges.

Hubs are responsible for driving the strategy for a region. They will establish regional goals, analyze customer strategies, research competitors and define customers: by industry, by segment, and the channel strategies to reach the target market. The Hub is ultimately responsible for defining the value proposition within their region.

Brokers are the front line for enabling sales within a region. They will identify customers, document customer segmentation, and know the best distribution channel within each segment to reach customers. Brokers must understand how to position the Exchange and know who to partner or JV with to accelerate the sale life cycle. Brokers exceed client expectations.

The relationship between the Hub and their brokers is based in transparency. Only with an environment of trust and frequent communication can brokers provide the Hub critical customer feedback, who will work to continuously improve the product and the supporting processes

The Hub owner will ensure that brokers have ownership over the product, accountability within their sales process, and are enabled with the proper infrastructure to deliver customer success.

Key Considerations for Brokers:

Goal Definition

Define goals and objectives, and ensure allurement across regions, verticals, clients, and other key segments


Ensure anyone client facing or supporting is properly trained on the exchange and value add opportunities

Marketing and Sales Support

Create the collateral and processes the team needs to be successful. Co-branded or proprietary material relevant to your region is the priority

Collaboration and Team Focus

Develop the infrastructure and culture that guarantees brokers to be successful – enable a supportive client focused community

Performance Accountability

Create KPIs, frequently communicate with your brokers, understand your margins, and regional business nuances. NPS is king.

Key considerations for Hubs

Provide Value Before Asking

Proactively understand clients’ needs, offer value, join groups (online and in-person) to learn about needs, be a resource to others

Build Relationships Within Your Region

Be resourceful with your network, think about how to leverage goodwill, and how to tap into highly credible and scale-able forms of customer engagement


Communicate everything: client feedback, process improvements, collateral needs, training and support help. Information flow is key

Customize and Standardize Where Possible

Every client has their own story. Standardize on-boarding and relationship management where possible, allow for flexibility when required

Be Disciplined in Your Processes and Metrics

Work together with the Hub to define metrics that matter, be disciplined in your approach, objectively analyze results. Pivot fast as necessary

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