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Information Technology (IT) Design, Installation, Maintenance for Innovation facility

Updated: Aug 4

Submit NLT 07/31/2023

The Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Project aims to streamline and enhance support to a client's 30K square foot Innovation Center facility with DoD NIPRNET and Commercial Internet. The project is located at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. The project involves a comprehensive assessment, design, procurement, installation, maintenance and cyber security monitoring and protection of the IT systems, and networks.


The project will be implemented in 5 phases:

1. Infrastructure Design

2. System and associated infrastructure component procurement.

3. Implementation of the Design and installation of the components.

4. Maintenance of the infrastructure and its associated components.

5. Cyber security monitoring and protection of the infrastructure and its associated components.

The key objectives of the project are:

• Evaluate the current IT infrastructure and identify areas for improvement and integration.

Develop and present an IT Infrastructure design that incorporates the client requirements and is cost effective and maintainable.

• Develop a detailed plan for the procurement of equipment and installation of the IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and network components.

• Implement the new infrastructure in a phased manner to minimize disruption to daily operations.

• Post installation, provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the reliability and security of the IT systems.


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