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Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) Replication Collaboration Event (CE)

05/17/2023 at 11:59 AM EST

Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) is the training focus of the Army. The Combat Training Centers (CTC) offer large scale complex training on real world problems in a controlled environment. Enemy IADS pose a large threat in LSCO by denying friendly air superiority and friendly Freedom of Maneuver (FOM). IADS can be targeted in multiple ways to achieve desired effects. The current problem is the CTC visually modified (VISMOD) IADS, used for training, offer only visual targeting exploits. In order to replicate a realistic challenge in LSCO, a complex IADS VISMOD with digital signatures needs to be created to increase training value.


SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), will host a series of events to replicate enemy Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) for USSOCOM training purposes.


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