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Introducing EcoStudio Challenges

Updated: Aug 28

A new and exciting industry engagement model that only Ratio can offer; whenever, wherever.


We're excited to introduce our latest type of Challenge that helps customers solve problems and challenges faster. EcoStudio Challenges (ECs) are collaborative engagements with Ecosystem customers that are executed “in studio”, online, or at customer locations. ECs help industry understand and get pre-positioned for opportunities, and for customers to engage directly with industry to understand company capabilities, products, and services.

EcoStudio Challenges are:

  1. Initiated and led by Ecosystem customers, executed by Ratio

  2. Market research engagements to help customers understand industry products, services, capabilities, insights, and perspectives

  3. Early positioning opportunities for industry to get discovered and/or engage with customers before acquisition and procurement

  4. Opportunities to create and innovate without constraints

  5. Accelerators that help customers solve problems and challenges faster

To be considered, be informed. Keep an eye out over the next 30-45 days as Ratio launches one or more EcoStudio Challenges. These will be accessible through our various channels, such as our website, weekly roundups, challenge announcement email blasts, and social media platforms. Every EC will have a comprehensive summary of the engagement, what’s requested from industry, response / participation timeline and instructions, and if applicable, dates that formal challenges or opportunities will be released. Kindly note that the Ecosystem and client names may or may not be revealed in the EC due to confidentiality concerns.

This is your opportunity to get positioned for future challenges -

If you haven’t signed up for Ratio’s weekly roundup or Ecosystem opportunities email, please do so we can send you the ECs as they are released.


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