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JFAC Rapid Accredited DoD-Cloud Hosted Environment for Assurance Tools

Submit NLT 02/24/2023

JFAC needs access to an accredited cloud-hosted environment that has the flexibility of rapidly adding new and various assurance tools not already in use by the cybersecurity community and software factory ecosystem. Solutions Market Place will be used to award in the category of Streamlining Processes.


The JFAC requires an accredited cloud-hosted marketplace of all assurance tools made available to the DoD community. Cloud-hosting is the current desired approach, but drives challenges from a cybersecurity perspective in obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO). JFAC is an OUSD(R&E) organization that does not have an authorizing official, so in order to gain access to accredited cloud environments, partnerships with DISA or the Military Services’ authorizing officials to grant an authority to operate (ATO) is dependent on organizational partnerships external to JFAC.

The JFAC needs a streamlined approach for gaining an ATO for a multitude of assurance tools to be made available to the community. The JFAC is looking to establish a cloud-hosted marketplace to include the various assurance tools identified in our current catalog.


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