Ratio Exchange Partners with Patent Firm, PPBLaw

Updated: Aug 16, 2021



Ratio Exchange, the world's largest Sourcing marketplace, is very excited to announce that we are partnering with Patent Portfolio Builders PLLC. A patent law firm that believes patent law should be viewed through a business lens and a business perspective. PPBLaw understands the many challenges that startups and small businesses face and has created resources to help better understand IP and the patent process. They are using the Exchange to combine IP and patent law by providing new opportunities for, startups, entrepreneurs, small companies, and companies that are looking to acquire patent licenses and IP.

The Ratio Exchange is a digital Marketplace that provides transparency into supply-side companies and capabilities and demand-side opportunities, challenges and needs that is unbiased and impartial. Our Brokerages leverage the Ratio Exchange to help their clients on the supply side by finding a contract or contracting opportunities, get discovered, find opportunities to sell and position their products & services, create partnerships, analyze competition, and assess buying trends and patterns.

Brokers are also helping demand-side customers by using the Ratio Exchange to research the market and find companies, laboratories, universities, engineers, scientists providing the capabilities to solve their problems, challenges, or needs.

PPB law is working with incubators, accelerators, and startups to help demystify Intellectual property and to give them a strong basic understanding of IP so they can form a strategic IP game plan and avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to protecting their innovations. They are providing webinars/seminars, free office hours as well as other avenues to ensure the companies they work with have their questions and concerns answered by attorneys with the experience and expertise they deserve. PPBLaw believes all companies should have access to strong sound strategic IP advice so they can harness the full value of their innovations.

“By adding the PPB Law firm https://www.ppblaw.com/ , we are continuing to build out our ecosystem,” said Jim Benson, Ratio Exchange’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Our Exchange Brokers provide a hands-on knowledge approach to both supply and demand-side members in their respective fields of expertise. Adding a law firm that excels in working with start-ups and are experts in understanding IP and the patent processes just makes sense in what we are trying to accomplish."

"Our attorneys have the experience and technical expertise to provide the highest quality results across a broad range of services and technologies (industries),” said Steve Dubois PPBLaw’s Managing Partner. “We approach IP from an outside-the-box business perspective and supply our clients with clear answers and strategic insights.” “Part of what we are doing is accessing today’s robust market in patents and patent applications and matching our clients’ knowledge of their markets with existing intellectual property and aligning them to strategically acquire IP to propel their business plans forward.”

What PPBLaw Provides:

  • Patent Portfolio Building and Management

  • Drafting and Filing of Patent Applications

  • Patent Prosecution

  • Non-Infringement and Invalidity Opinions

  • Evaluation of Patent Portfolios

  • Licensing Negotiations and Purchasing of U.S. Patents

  • Start-Up Patent, Portfolio Generation and Strategic Intellectual Property Counsel

  • Preparation and filing of Trademark Applications

  • Trademark Prosecution

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