Ratio Exchange smashes the cost barrier to access Federal opportunities and get discovered by buyers

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Press Release


Ratio Exchange, the world’s largest Sourcing Marketplace, is providing new opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and partners with equal access to Federal opportunities, competitive intelligence, and customer demand opportunities. Through a new program supporting Supply-side customers, Ratio Exchange is enabling equitable access to the Federal government business opportunities.

“It’s a bold move that represents our passion and commitment of creating an equal and level playing field for everyone,” said Jim Benson, Ratio Exchange’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Today, gaining access to opportunities, company capabilities, and demand-side needs are hard, cost-prohibitive, and exhausting. We’ve fixed that and now offer it for the price of a cup of coffee”.

Ratio Exchange provides an unbiased, commercially neutral, and independent Sourcing Marketplace that provides transparency into supply-side companies and capabilities and demand-side needs. The Ratio Exchange operates in a “Switzerland-like” model and does not bid on, nor pursue government contract or contracting opportunities. Supply-side customers use the Ratio Exchange to update their personal or company profile, get discovered, find opportunities to sell and position their products, create partnerships, analyze competition, and assess buying trends and patterns. Demand-side customers use the Ratio Exchange to research the market and find companies and capabilities to solve their problems, challenges, or needs.

"Demand-side customers such as DEFENSEWERX, SOFWERX, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and many others are using the Ratio Exchange with traditional and non-traditional contract vehicles to quickly source companies and capabilities to solve problems." said Jerry McQuoid, Ratio Exchange's Director of Customer Success". "Ensuring we have a strong supply channel of candidates is critical for their search and discovery analysis."

What’s in the Ratio Exchange

  • 30k Active Opportunities (Contracts, Grants, SBIR/STTRs)

  • 2m Company Profiles

  • 40m Federal Contracts and Grants

  • 250k Innovations (National Labs, SBIR/STTRs, University)

  • 7m Patents

  • 400k Investments

  • 50k Investors

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