Ratio Exchange teams up with WeWork Labs to Level the Playing Field

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Ratio Exchange works to level the playing field in government contracting by expanding access to this previously elusive market. We seek out the most innovative startups and small businesses across diverse industries and backgrounds to join our government contracting marketplace and find buyers for their products and services. Naturally, we were excited to have the opportunity to join forces with WeWork Labs Network and their 2,700+ startups and small businesses and believe together we can create enormous impact. WeWork Labs also works to support the startup community by providing educational programming, networking opportunities, and business resources to their global community of entrepreneurs. Ratio Exchange is now able to offer our government contracting tool through the WeWork Labs online portal.

Nina Gerber, Director of Startups and Social Impact at Ratio Exchange

We are thrilled to collaborate with WeWork Labs to provide their innovators access to a new way to grow their business. “We can’t wait for the WeWork Labs community to accelerate their businesses’ growth by winning contracts, forming partnerships, and securing non-dilutive capital,” says Nina Gerber, Director of Startups and Social Impact for Ratio Exchange.

The term “startup” often evokes images of pitches to angel investors and venture capital firms, but people would be surprised to learn that – according to Engine’s 2021 Startup Agenda – only about one percent of startups launch with angel funds and an even smaller percentage with venture funding. Meanwhile, many startups and small businesses never consider government contracting as a market for their products and services. Yet the Federal Government spends a trillion dollars per year on contracting out for everything from IT services to medical devices, virtual reality training software, PPE, and more. It benefits any startup or small business to learn how the government is spending in their industry and find their best fit opportunities. This is where Ratio Exchange can make a difference for WeWork Labs companies – helping them efficiently find their niche in government contracting and start going after the opportunities that make the most sense.

Using Ratio Exchange, WeWork Labs companies will be able to access revenue and nondilutive capital through several channels. The Small Business Administration’s SBIR program – otherwise known as America’s Seed Fund – provides non-dilutive R&D capital to startups with the aim of encouraging innovation in the American economy. With Ratio Exchange, WeWork Labs companies will be able to search for SBIR opportunities, get in contact with the appropriate agencies, and submit a compelling proposal. Additionally, these companies can position themselves optimally for partnership using the intelligence they gather on Ratio Exchange. They can quickly assess the top prime contractors in their field and learn each contractor’s full and detailed government contract history. Then they can use the contact information to approach contractors for partnership with an informed and polished value proposition. Think your company might need a little extra assistance in crafting the perfect proposal? Ratio Exchange also has a national network of brokers with deep experience in all kinds of government proposals – from traditional contracts to grants, SBIRs, and more. These brokers are standing by and ready to work with you every step of the way.

Ratio Exchange is offering an exclusive extended trial and discount to WeWork Labs members, and we will be hosting educational events on government contracting for their community. In addition, we want to extend a special offer on WeWork membership for our Ratio Exchange community! You can get $100 off your first three months of All-Access membership to WeWork with code ALLACCESS199. Visit www.WeWork.com to get started.

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