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Ratio Exchange Top Performers - June 2023

Updated: Aug 28

These companies stand out for their exceptional utilization of the platform's tools, completion of their profile, and their ongoing interaction within the platform. Our top performers are also quick to take advantage of our apps, using them to further their success on the Exchange. These top companies are the driving force of our platform and we are proud to recognize their hard work and dedication.

HelloGov - Federal AI Solutions

HelloGov is the nation's first full-stack federal AI company offering a no-code and non-proprietary end-to-end ML product suite with absolutely no vendor lock-in and fully interoperable with 3rd party government, commercial, and open source ML applications. Their ML services platform solves mission critical challenges facing today’s federal enterprises, from data labeling to model training to customized AI enabled application development (proof of concept to production) - enabling agencies to do more with the power of AI.

ORock Technologies, Inc - Secure IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

ORock Technologies is a high-performance cloud service provider focused on innovative cloud and artificial intelligence solutions. ORock is the world’s first and only FedRAMP and Department of Defense (DoD) authorized open-source cloud, enabling every organization to benefit from a secure non-proprietary cloud. Security-conscious modern businesses and government organizations rely on our portfolio of best-in-class artificial intelligence, machine learning, hardened security and public cloud solutions to solve technology challenges. Featuring superior security, compliance, cost predictability and 24/7 customer support, our solutions and services accelerate your IT and business transformation.

Trek10 INC - AWS Premier Tier Services Partner & Your Guide to Cloud Native

Trek10 is passionate about Amazon Web Services and the benefits of public cloud computing. We have years of experience on Amazon Web Services, and were founded in 2013 after repeated experiences with clients made it clear just how many businesses could greatly benefit from the power of AWS, through increased efficiency, greater flexibility, and reduced cost. Trek10 designs, builds, and supports cutting-edge solutions for our clients using the absolute best tools and AWS platform services. With multiple production deployments under our belt, our team is one of the foremost experts on building serverless apps and enabling enterprises to migrate to serverless architectures. Massive scalability, heavy automation, and remarkably low operating costs are our hallmarks.

Each top performer will receive this badge next to their company's name in the Ratio Exchange.

We are proud to recognize our Top Performers on the Ratio Exchange! Our Top Performers are those who have used the platform consistently and have demonstrated high performance. We thank these companies for their dedication and commitment to our platform. We thank you for being active and interacting on our platform, and for helping to make it a success. We recognize and value your contributions, and are proud to have you as part of our community. Congratulations to all our Top Performers and keep up the great work.

You rock!

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