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Ratio supports Suicide Prevention & Awareness Resource Council (SPARC)

Updated: Aug 28

We are pleased to announce a new program that gives back to our communities and the charitable organizations that our employees are involved in or wish to support. Our first sponsorship under this new program is for the SPARC of Hope Walk.


The Suicide Prevention Awareness & Resource Council (SPARC) is a group of concerned citizens, professionals, and partner agencies who convene with a common goal of reducing the number of suicides in our area. Committee members include Region Ten staff (each locale is represented), Virginia Department of Health representatives, local police, community members, Mental Health America staff, faith-based community members, and our regional Suicide Prevention Coordinator. We work collaboratively to strengthen and expand education in the area of suicide prevention, behavioral health and wellness. Our goal is to increase help seeking behaviors and raise awareness about available mental health supports and resources in our area.


"With your generous donation we will continue to work toward education and expanded training for mental health professionals, first responders and school personnel. This year already, we have been able to use donated funds to support speakers in our community, school based activities as well as several awareness events that promote increased safety and further understanding about suicide prevention. We provide local schools with educational materials and resources to promote increased awareness and better response to at risk students. Our SPARC council continues to have a number of initiatives that we support, fund and promote. If needed for your records, we can provide you with a copy of our IRS tax letter and proof of 501c3 status. Region Ten Inc. serves as the comprehensive fiscal sponsorship agency for the Suicide Prevention & Awareness Resource Council (SPARC). SPARC functions as a sub-program of Region Ten that benefits from a community advisory committee. All of SPARC's revenue and expenses are tracked within Region Ten. SPARC of Hope walk is a specific fundraising campaign under this committee. All fiscal sponsorship of SPARC activities resides with Region Ten. Our Tax ID number is 54-1625290. You may track our progress toward the community fundraising goal at This website is also designed to provide information, resources and opportunities for you to learn more about preventing suicide. Your support and involvement continues to save lives and we appreciate your contribution. Thank you for shining a light and making a difference." - SPARC


At Ratio, we recognize the profound importance of contributing to charitable foundations. Our commitment to philanthropy extends beyond our business goals, as we believe in actively participating in the betterment of society. By donating to reputable charitable organizations, we have the power to address critical social issues, support underserved communities, advance medical research, promote education, and drive positive change on a global scale. Such contributions not only create a positive impact on the lives of those in need but also foster a sense of purpose and unity among our employees and stakeholders. Through our philanthropic efforts, we aspire to inspire others, promote compassion, and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Please join us for the annual SPARC of Hope 5K Walk and Run Saturday, October 21, 2023

@ 8:00am!


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