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Release Announcement | August 2023

Updated: Aug 28

Ratio's August 2023 Release Announcement - what's new, what's hot, what's trending.

We're doing it again,

bigger and better this time.



My Ecosystems

Finally! We’ve created a homepage component that provides one click access to your Ecosystems but also allows you to quickly join others of interest. Yay to making navigating the Ecoverse quicker and easier for you!!

Ask Eco

We did it! We successfully expanded our Artificial Intelligence capabilities with Ask Eco.

Located at the top of every page, our Ask Eco AI bot can be launched as needed to answer your most pressing questions or generate valued content. How cool is that?? 

Common Functions

You can now access all your common functions and related data regardless of which Ecosystem you’re in!! We're obsessed. Aggregated messages, contacts, tasks, company portfolios, opportunity boards, submissions, and the notification center are always at your fingertips as you navigate throughout the Ecoverse!

Homepage Components

NEW homepage components and functions that reduce digging time to discovery and more effectively identify, track, and work your key capture activities. The 'Matched Opportunities' component brings your opportunities of interest forward & 'Opportunity Boards' component provides quick & easy access to all your saved opportunities.


What's on the roadmap

for the rest of 2023?


AI enabled Sourcing and Scouting

An advanced new capability that will significantly improve sourcing results by allowing customers to submit natural language statements that mine over 500GB of sourcing data. Prepare yourselves, it's mind blowing.


A new version! This now will allow customers to collaborate in the development of formal solicitations, issue them to industry, and perform evaluations.

Industry Engagements

An expansion to our existing app that allows demand-side customers to collaborate with industry on problems, challenges, and issues before going to a Challenge or formal solicitation.

Company Feed

NEW! A capability that allows Industry to submit company updates, unsolicited proposals, insights and perspectives, and other updates to keep demand-side customers up-to-date on company innovations.

The Ecoverse

A new cutting-edge interface that provides Industry a one-stop location to see and engage in opportunities across ALL of Ratio’s ecosystems. We're so excited.


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