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Release Announcement | July 2023

Updated: Aug 28

Ratio's July 2023 Release Announcement - what's new, what's hot, what's trending.

We're doing it again,

bigger and better this time.



Product Navigator

We love that you can now search over 3,500 products and services that have been added to Company Profiles. You can also add products to Product Portfolios for quick access during Sourcing and Scouting activities!

Company Marketplace

We're excited to announce that we have new options to filter search results by country, state, traditional or non-traditional, status (operating, closed, IPO), and SAM registration status!

Youtube and Vimeo Integration

Finally! Customers can now link a Product or Service to a YouTube or Vimeo video or add their YouTube or Vimeo channel to show all of the channel videos in their company profile!

Artificial Intelligence Generated Documents (AI Docs)

We did it again.... We have expanded the functionality of AI Documents to allow customers to quickly create RFI’s, RFP’s, Proposals, Freeform documents, or Blogs using AI technologies. Documents now include pre configured sections for each document type allowing you to add entire sections of content with one click. Boom.


What's on the roadmap

for the rest of 2023?


AI enabled Sourcing and Scouting

An advanced new capability that will significantly improve sourcing results by allowing customers to submit natural language statements that mine over 500GB of sourcing data. Prepare yourselves, it's mind blowing.


A new version! This now will allow customers to collaborate in the development of formal solicitations, issue them to industry, and perform evaluations.

Industry Engagements

An expansion to our existing app that allows demand-side customers to collaborate with industry on problems, challenges, and issues before going to a Challenge or formal solicitation.

Company Feed

NEW! A capability that allows Industry to submit company updates, unsolicited proposals, insights and perspectives, and other updates to keep demand-side customers up-to-date on company innovations.

The Ecoverse

A new cutting-edge interface that provides Industry a one-stop location to see and engage in opportunities across ALL of Ratio’s ecosystems. We're so excited.

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