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Tradewind Solutions Marketplace - May Collection Period

Submit NLT 05/31/2023 at 12:00 PM EST

The Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) in conjunction with its marketplace manager, ARI, is initiating the April Collection Period for solutions providers to upload videos into the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace

The Tradewind Solutions Marketplace is the DoD’s ground-breaking enabling environment for high-tech innovation. It’s a digital repository of post-competition, readily-awardable pitch videos, which address the Government’s greatest challenges in the AI/ML, digital, and data analytics space.

The solutions housed within the Marketplace have been assessed and vetted through competitive procedures. Every video in the Marketplace is readily-awardable. For industry, academic partners, and individuals, the Marketplace is the simplest and fastest way to market technology solutions to eager Government buyers. For Government buyers, the Marketplace is a virtual storefront where customers can shop for innovative solutions to pressing problems. Then, they can easily procure those solutions through the Marketplace’s rapid acquisition pathways.


Why You Should Participate

  • Fast-tracked assessment timelines (notifications made within 30 calendar days)

  • Direct feedback from DoD operators, customers, SMEs, and end users

  • Multiple eligibility and contract pathways

  • Fully negotiable award terms

  • Potential for multiple awards with single customer (or multiple customers) with no funding ceilings, based on a single video solution submission

Interested in finding your next DoD innovation opportunity?

Head over to Tradewind, engage the ecosystem and find new opportunities to grow your business today.

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