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TSA ITF Plan of Day (PoD) Collaboration Event (CE)

05/10/2023 at 11:59 AM EST

As one of the projects selected for the Pilot Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Innovation Hub, DEFENSEWERX (DWX) is hosting a Collaboration Event centered around Mobile Staffing, Scheduling, Time & Attendance (SSTA) Optimization for the Transportation Security Administration’s Innovation Task Force (TSA ITF). The purpose of this Collaboration Event is to identify current limitations and ideate ways to overcome limiting factors. During this open forum, participants from Industry, Academia, and National Laboratories will ideate on specific challenge areas and develop potential paths forward with actionable plans for implementation.


TSA is seeking a solution that will (1) allow its workforce to access TSA approved applications from their personal devices, non-Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), and (2) collect, organize, and display the complexities of the TSA daily operations from a TSA management perspective. Work demand would be overlaid with staff and equipment resources. More mature phases will include predictive capabilities and will generate optimal recommendations from the platform. Systemic and local work rules can be easily customized, and “Plan of Day (PoD)” will notify the user when service failures exist in the plan. This solution would enable higher ranked officials to flag Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) which is operational, non-operational, or down for maintenance. The system will use business rules to serve as an "Alerts & Warnings" mechanism to flag forecasted operational inefficiencies to applicable higher ranked officials.


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