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University Day 2023- Air Delivered Effects Broad Agency Announcement Call

05/18/2023 at 03:00 AM CST

This CALL is open to U.S. Universities and U.S. Citizens only. The purpose of this CALL is to solicit leading-edge research from new academic collaborators that currently does not have a relationship with AFRL/RW. However, AFRL/RW will consider all U.S. Universities’ proposals. AFRL/RW intends to award short-term seedling projects in five research areas. Offerors shall propose against ONE research area topic only. Only those Offerors who meet the highly selectable and/or selectable categories will be invited to the virtual pitch day.


Research Area Topics:

  • RA 1 - Weapon Airframe Systems Technology Research

  • RA 7 - Navigation and Estimation Technology

  • RA 9 - Lethality, Vulnerability, and Survivability

  • RA 19 - Cyber Survivability for Precision-Guided Munitions

  • RA 20 - Strategic Planning, Prototyping, and Experimentation


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