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Accelerated Tech Sourcing to help Warfighters solve challenges faster

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Competitive Analytics.  

Get ALL of the information on your competitors before you even think about going after something.  Increase your leverage for partnering opportunities with ALL of the information – not just what they tell you.

Reimagine Business Development.  

Use the Exchange to completely reinvent how you do business development.  Instead of paying for expensive licenses and business development staff who surf FBO.Gov and other procurement sites, hire interns to mine our data to develop trends, insights, and opportunities.

Engage Brokers.   

Let revenue arrive on your doorstep.   Engage Exchange Brokers who will work behind the scenes to find, quality, and get you in front of the buyers who can pull the trigger on funding.

Opportunity Identification.   

Just setup your keywords and we’ll feed you opportunities every more to consider.

Automate Your Intelligence.  

Create, or let us do this for you, agents that interrogate the Exchange with your business rules so you don’t have to.  Get an email every morning with the information you need to guide and inform decisions.


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