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Transforming Workplaces, Together

Transforming Workplaces, Together


Join ecosystems to discover and respond to opportunities to help customers   solve their problems and challenges faster

It's free

Join one or more ecosystems and start discovering opportunities that you can help with.

Customers use the Ratio Exchange to build and grow ecosystems that accelerate acquisition and procurement processes.  They use traditional and non-traditional funding channels to put money on contract quickly to fund research & development, prototypes, pilots, or full-blown production systems.  To do this they selectively source and/or publish Challenges and opportunities to find companies, talent, and capabilities to help.  If you're not in an ecosystem you likely won't be found.

How do i get started...

The barrier of entry is extremely low

step 1

Join any Ecosystem in our Ecoverse

step 2

Update your Company Profile

step 3

Discover and Respond to Challenges

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