Go Discover, Get Discovered

Find Opportunities to Accelerate Revenue & Growth

Discovery Profiles

Create and maintain your personal and Company profile so the demand side can understand what products and services you offer, customer snapshots, download marketing information and other categories that describe who you are and what you do.

Opportunity Discovery and Matching

Search across thousands of opportunities to find new Federal Contract, State Contracts, Grants, Challenges, Needs and non-dilutive funding opportunities.   Or, let the Exchange match opportunities to your profile and get notified daily if something hits.

Smart Notifications

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  Setup your notifications and get an email every morning with the new opportunities that match your profile.   Or, get notified about who won new opportunities to start building partnerships.

Partner Finder

Don't go it alone.   Find partners who have existing contracts and are trying to competitively differentiate themselves for the next bid or recompete.    Put the entire Federal Contract marketplace at your fingertips. 

Competitive Intelligence

Research trends, buying patterns or incumbents to determine which customers, partners, and opportunities are worth your time and money to pursue.   Create and manage Opportunity Boards and Company Portfolios.


2 Million Companies, 45 Million Federal Contracts, 4 Million Grants, 7 Million Patents, 100k SBIR/STTRs and thousands of other records.   Search from multiple dimensions to make market research a snap.

Growing your business is hard enough.   Navigating the Federal Ecosystem to discover opportunities is even harder.  It doesn't have to be that way.


We've taken out all the complexity to provide you with an "always on" platform focused solely providing you with information and opportunities to accelerate growth.  Nothing more, no agendas, nothing hidden, no B.S.

And best of all, it's cheaper than a Netflix subscription or the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.   

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Discover Opportunities to Accelerate Growth 

Get Discovered
by Integrating with our Ecosystem

If your information isn't in the Exchange then organizations that are using the Exchange to solve challenges and problems won't find you.  It's that simple.

We are constantly bringing on new "demand-side" customers that need to solve problems.  They are using the Exchange to find candidates and will fund them via traditional and non traditional means to solve problems.  Oh, and don't forgot those who need to competitive differentiate to win new contracts.

Ensure your Company's products and services are registered with the Exchange.